Medicine Group

The mission of Nexpharm Korea for the next generation is human

Prescription drugs (Rx)

The efficacy and quality of the proscription drug which are produced and supplied by Nexpharm Korea were verified through the biological equivalence study and the products for diversified treatment areas such as the medicines for GI system, liver disease, hormonal system, inflammation treatment and respiratory system. We make our best efforts to supply more reliable product by establishing the intimate trust and trusted production system with the specialized production companies for each part in order to supply the products in best quality in a part of products for particular treatment area such as the inflammation treatment.

OEM product

The Rx and non-prescription medicines which are developed and produced in each treatment group are supplied diversely through the sales networkds for the customer to approach easily.

Non-prescription drugs

Non-prescription drugs or OTC drugs mean the drugs which can be bought freely by the customer in the drug stores. Gerybanjung for fever removing, pain killer and anti-inflammatory, Gerydongjung, cold plus capsule for multi medicines for cold, almatajiung for gastric pain and jincleanjing for hypoglycemic agent out of the over the counter medicines which can be bought freely the customer from the drug store.