R&D Vision

The mission of Nexpharm Korea for the next generation is human

R&D Institute of Nexpharm Korea has built research abilities to a large
volume of new generic drugs, new preparations, incrementally modified
combination drugs, natural medicines and biological products.
As the results, Nexpharm Korea became a new leading player
in CMO market in Korea with sophisticated
formulation technologies than ones of innovative drugs.
Formulation technology and its status
Nexpharm Korea's formulation technology is superior in quality, more stable than the original ones, and its manufacturing method improves manufacturing and distribution costs. This is a major success factor of CMO business. It is a result of the combination of the latest process technology as well as the advanced pharmaceutical technology of Nexpharm which correspond to requirements on the quality and price competitiveness.
Technology and its status of development ability of natural medicines
Nexpharm Korea has been developing new natural medicines such as High blood triglycerides drugs, Osteoarthritis drugs, Fatty liver drugs, diabetic retinopathy drugs, and antiobesic drugs. In addition, 32 final candidate compounds were found out of 480 kinds of single natural compound. Core technology in the research and development of natural products for new drugs has already been acknowledged as a leading company in the bio-theme cluster project conducted from 2013 to 2014.

  • Possess standardization technology of ingredients
        (Extract of indicator ingredient and effective ingredient, standardization of specification and validation of ingredient)
  • Perform evaluation of effectiveness of animal models for hypertriglyceridemia (Patent No. 10-2013-0028281)
  • Perform human body application test for acquisition of individual approval of ingredients
        (Patent No. 10-2013-0064205)

Discovery and performance of other natural substances (bio-theme cluster)

  • Discover 32 kinds hit of natural compounds through separation and immune regulation against 480 single compounds and evaluation of inhibitory activity of cancer
        - regulated transcription factor (NFkB, AP-1 luciferase)
        - 480 kinds of single natural compound and new natural compound complex extract (32 kinds - single structure)
  • Identification of novel target proteins and their mode of actions for resveratrol, a phytochemical of grape ingredients
        - Completion of mechanisms to prevent and treat hormone-refractory prostate cancer adjusting STAT3 and PSA
  • Identification of mode of action for EGCG, an ingredient of green tea against new target protein C-terminal Src kinase
  • Completed anti-obesity activity on blueberry leaves for functional food supplements
  • Identification of mode of action on new target proteins - Innovation for development of anti-cancer drug
        - HIF-1a and pin1 interaction inhibitor
        - STAT3 dimer inhibitor : novel allosteric binding site